Tampa is one of the most interesting, lively, and colorful places in Florida and the United States. It is a favorite destination for people who love the outdoors. Likewise, it has received recognition as one of the most popular cities people want to live in (Paw Research Center, 2009) and as the preferred city for 20-somethings (New York University’s Washington Square News, 2004). Tampa is an alpha city/world city (which means it plays a significant role in the global economic system).

But Tampa is more than just all these accolades and recognitions. It is a city you’d want to live in for the rest of your life. If you’re a traveller, it is a place you’d want to visit over and over. If you’re a business person, it’s where you want to establish your own business. There are a lot of wonderful things you have yet to discover about the city of Tampa, and this is what we at Tampa Downtown Market promise to give you.

Tampa Downtown Market is a blog created to focus on the beautiful city of Tampa. Whether you’re planning to relocate, establish a business, or go on a travel adventure, we’ll provide you all the information you need about Tampa. Aside from the usual stuff like city information and demographics, we also regularly post news, city developments, events updates, tips, and other special features (like celebrity/famous personality interviews and videos).

Tampa Downtown Market offers you a multitude of reasons why you should visit, relocate to, or establish a business in Tampa, Florida. It’s your online market for anything and everything related to The Big Guava.